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Mobility for Community Healthcare
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| “Documentation, consistency, and visibility of information is a big issue in healthcare that hCare solves.” — Dr Michael Young, Hospital in Your Home

Profile hCare leverages the power and flexibility of Profile to provide an episodic and longitudinal care record in the hands of mobile care providers. Access and input information anywhere anytime with ease.

hCare has broad and flexible functionality that has been designed to provide care providers who need to visit patients in their homes with rapid access to view and enter information about their day and patients. The functionality ranges from managing and navigating appointments, viewing medical history of patients, and recording encounters with optional services, photos, measures, prescriptions, interventions, letters, and even configurable forms. Further, it facilitates communication with other members of the organisation and patients. All information viewed and entered is done in real time. No information is stored on the device so if lost or stolen you can breath easy that information isn't going to get into the wrong hands.

Aero hCare Device support: Tablet

Aero hCare Operating System Support: iOS and Android

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hCare Functional Overview

The following functional list outlines all functions inside the Aero hCare package.

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