Complex health systems need interoperable solutions

Gaps within health care team communications can cause high rates of preventable medical incidents.  


The Challenge

Health systems are complex and need multiple software solutions and assorted physical devices to be interoperable. IT and health system managers seek specialized tools that will synchronize records, facilitate communication, and integrate easily. The Intrahealth solution is built from the ground up with open standards and APIs that support the highest level of interoperability. 

For example, gaps within health care team communications can cause preventable medical incidents. Lacking vital information about a patient’s touchpoints and intervention decisions, the care team may miss vital symptoms and treatments indications with the risk of severe consequences for the patient. Outdated medication prescription can be fatal to a patient.

“The technical people at Intrahealth are knowledgeable and easy to work with. PROFILE technology is a modern, open API, which made our integration straight forward. The resulting interoperable systems enhances communication capability for care teams.” Dr. Katja Beitat, CEO and Founder, Clinivid

The Solution

Partnering with the Clinivid secure clinical messaging platform in Australia, Intrahealth offers a seamless mobile connection between its PROFILE medical software, the healthcare providers’ mobile devices, and the region’s patients. Due to PROFILE’s modern and open technology design, the software integrates easily with other platforms that can add value for clinicians and patients alike.

The Benefit

Allowing hospitals, clinicians, and specialists across the health care sector to easily connect and collaborate with each other in a mobile environment, with seamless access to the PROFILE electronic medical record systems improves care team communications, increases efficiency, and facilitates better outcomes for the patient. 

The Result

Interoperable systems support better health outcomes for patients.

Key Objectives

  • System interoperability provides better patient outcomes through improved communications within care teams 
  • PROFILE executes efficient interoperability between multiple software and device vendors for health systems