Unified Care Delivery

High risk type 2 diabetes patients who are participating in Illawarra Family Medical Centre’s (IFMC’s) pilot program to share up to date medical information are the real winners. The government funded initiative, Health Care Homes Pilot Project, leverages Intrahealth’s software solution portal to share critical patient information within the care community.

The Challenge

Type 2 diabetic patients face high risks for short- and long-term complications with serious consequences impacting multiple end points such as eyes, kidneys, or nerves. Their symptoms and treatment need to be managed in a safe environment including their primary care clinic and hospital emergency department. What is the best way to improve care delivery options for this high-risk group?

The Solution

The solution is to share up to date and real time medical records for this group and provide access to this data by the hospital’s emergency department. Intrahealth’s software solution allows clinicians and key health service providers to view patient history, medications, test results, and make notes on the file. Through web portal, the care community gains access to critical up to date information that guides or enhances treatment decisions. Recording activity is logged and the doctor gets update notifications.

The Benefit

With emergency room and clinical doctors sharing patient information more efficiently, the outcome is faster, safer care for the patient who is receiving the best treatment possible.

The Result

After a successful pilot program consideration is now being given to rollout to a broader range of at risk groups and delivering information to other emergency departments in the area.