4 new modules available in conjunction with the BC Practice Support Program

We have released 4 tools that have been developed in conjunction with BC Practice Support Program. The Heart Failure and COPD modules contain new forms, patient material and clinician resources. In addition to the new modules, the previous Adult / Child Youth Mental Health tools have been refreshed. The previous mental health forms have been replaced automatically. Any forms used previously will still maintain their past version appearance.

Please follow the links below for manuals related to each module:

Adult Mental Health https://support.intrahealth.com/Download.aspx?id=f0b09eee-acc1-4de2-9354-9ecb4767382e

Child Youth Mental Health https://support.intrahealth.com/Download.aspx?id=660cbc26-62b9-4f1e-aac5-d8b56d7bc6e2

Heart Failure https://support.intrahealth.com/Download.aspx?id=82cd2c04-c0a7-45ba-8c2e-617b05fff41e

COPD https://support.intrahealth.com/Download.aspx?id=c066e6c0-cab0-47a1-a8fc-bff94840b221