Australia Secure Messaging - Medical Objects Update

Secure and reliable electronic message delivery is important. Yet, the complex Australian digital messaging environment is characterised by a lack of standards and conformity across Practice Management Systems, (PMS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendors, and message carriers such as Medical Objects, HealthLink, and Argus. The Australian Digital Health Agency recognises this situation and has projects underway to provide unification and consistency.

  Presently, the carriers move messages between vendor software products. Sometimes carriers need to manipulate the message, so it can be read by receiving systems. This strategy has been working for years and many of our customers use HealthLink, Medical Objects, and Argus successfully.

  Profile imports and exports both automated and manually transferred messages. Carriers move messages to the appropriate directory location so that they can be interpreted by the other vendor. This process results in support challenges with confusion about where responsibilities land. Intrahealth has worked with the carriers over time and if there are issues we strive to resolve them quickly. Please note that there are no conformance or acceptance standards required of the PMS or EMR vendor at present, so we can’t say we are approved by a carrier, nor the other way around. If you are planning on using a message carrier please check that they support Profile.