CareConnect now Available in Private Practice Clinics

CareConnect now Available in Private Practice Clinics for GPs and Medical Office Staff using Profile EMR within the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Catchment Area

You can gain rapid access to CareConnect through a button available within Intrahealth Profile.  The active patient’s information will be displayed in context (direct to patient’s record, no searching needed). 

What's CareConnect?

CareConnect is the only application that consolidates acute clinical information from all health authorities.  You will have access to: 

  • Provincial Lab Results as well as some private labs (e.g. Lifelabs) 
  • Diagnostic Imaging Reports from all public health facilities 
  • Acute Care Records, including Consults and Discharge Summaries from most Health Authorities in the Province 
  • PharmaNet 
  • BC Cancer Information 
  • Community Documents from Health Authority based community teams, like Home Health, MHSU and Public Health  

Email to get started!

Feedback from users:

Overall fantastic initiative and wonderful addition to community based practice.

Saving me and especially my staff tons of time- thanks! 

– GP Physician   

*CareConnect will be available in other regions in the near future.