HDC Discover now available for Intrahealth Profile users

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BC physicians using Intrahealth Profile can now enrol with the Health Data Coalition (HDC) to gain perspectives on their practice and have access to provincial data trends via HDC Discover.

“Completing the HDC adaptor represents a great milestone for Intrahealth Canada and Profile EMR users across BC. Our customers are now able to participate in this important provincial initiative. Participation benefits all stakeholders; from enabling providers who will have better access to information, to patients who will benefit with better health outcomes.”      - Silvio Labriola, Vice President of Practice Systems at Intrahealth Global Operations

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Join the network of BC physicians sharing data and their passion to improve patient outcomes via the HDC Discover application.


Why enroll with the Health Data Coalition?

It’s all about supporting you, your practice, and your patients.

HDC Discover helps you to:

  • Better understand your patient population and patterns of practice.

  • Explore data-informed learning based on your interests in a safe, secure environment that maintains confidentiality for you and your patients.

  • Share and track progress with colleagues, if you choose to.

  • Inform valuable discussions with your practice coaching team.

  • Implement practice improvements and provide data-informed care to your patients.

  • Track improvements in patient care over time with HDC Discover’s automatic data transfer and reporting features.

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HDC is physician-led and physician-governedDr Huff Quote HDC

As a physician-led organization, privacy is central to HDC’s trusted health provider network.

HDC’s top priority is preserving the trust of the physicians and other healthcare providers who choose to share their data with the HDC network. HDC holds a Privacy By Design certification and adheres to the globally recognized privacy framework, allowing physicians to exercise autonomy, with accountability.

There’s no cost to you. Registration is quick and easy.

Use of HDC Discover is offered at no cost to you or your practice, thanks to the sponsorship of the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), a partnership between Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health.

  • Online registration takes only a few minutes.
  • HDC’s support team can walk you through the online registration process or you can do it yourself.
  • After initial setup, ongoing data collection and transfer is automatic and rarely requires action from you or your team.

Learn more about HDC Discover or ENROL NOW.