Health Data Coalition seeks beta users for Intrahealth adaptor release

The Health Data Coalition (HDC) is a physician-led data sharing initiative that encourages reflection and collaboration with colleagues and facilitates quality improvement in patient care. It is funded by GPSC, and powered by the enthusiasm and dedication of a growing network of family physicians from across the province. 

HDC’s primary focus to empower physicians and clinics to understand and use their data for practice improvement. The HDC platform also provides a means to choose to share data on attachment and other categories of data which are relevant for the Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and other initiatives.  This data is only used to support quality improvement, never to judge the individual performance or second-guess the clinical decisions of a physician. 

Dr Lawrence Yang’s story provides an example of how HDC data can support this empowerment. Dr. Yang grew up in Surrey where he now practices at Gateway Medical Centre. As a member of the HDC network, Dr Yang feels empowered to approach challenges in his clinic from a more thoughtful and efficient perspective. He’s using the data in his practice to make a positive difference in his community. WATCH Dr Yang’s story about how HDC has helped him provide better care for his patients. 

With the Intrahealth adaptor almost ready for release, HDC will be inviting clinics who use Profile EMR to sign-up as beta users and assist with testing. If you think you may be interested, please stay tuned. In the meantime, learn about HDC and sign up for priority access at

Join the network of BC physicians sharing data and their passion to improve patient outcomes.