iMoko partners with Intrahealth to expand innovative healthcare service.

Digital health innovator iMOKO today announces a partnership with Intrahealth to support an expansion of virtual health services to underserved communities across New Zealand.

iMOKO is a digital health service created by Dr Lance O’Sullivan (New Zealander of the Year 2014) to address the lack of access to healthcare that many Maori, children and communities were suffering. The iMOKO health service has successfully delivered over 30,000 remote consultations to children and adults across New Zealand. With the Intrahealth partnership iMOKO is now being expanded with a new patient management system.

“The mission of iMOKO is to put control of healthcare back into the hands of people, through easy to use digital tools and access to care where people work, live or play”, explains Evan Blackman CEO of iMOKO. “The partnership with Intrahealth enables iMOKO to increase the number of health conditions it can treat, and further integrate with health sector systems for more complete patient care”.

iMOKO is supporting improved health outcomes for communities from the Far North to deepest Southland. iMOKO has focused on treating common conditions, such as skin or dental infections, and to bring care to children directly through early childhood centres, korhanga reo and schools. Instead of waiting days or even weeks to get primary care, the iMOKO service can provide treatment for a child in minutes, without the child having to leave the classroom.

Intrahealth New Zealand General Manager, Craig Longstaff said “the opportunity to work with such an innovative organisation and have our solutions play a part in revolutionising health care delivery in New Zealand is incredibly exciting.”

About iMoko iMOKO™ is an innovative digital health service developed by Dr Lance O’Sullivan (New Zealander of the Year 2014), utilising technology to deliver high quality basic health services with a focus on communities with high needs - particularly Maori and vulnerable children. The centrepiece of iMOKO™ is smart software that has been developed specifically for community-based virtual health services managed by the communities themselves. Navilluso Medical Limited Contact: Evan Blackman, CEO T: 027 240-3587 E: