Intrahealth Announces Change of Drug Database in Ontario and British Columbia


Intrahealth Announces Change of Drug Database in Ontario and British Columbia

Intrahealth has used Vigilance Santé as its source for Drug Information for many years in NB. This is now to be utilised in BC and ON, replacing First Databank (FDB).

Vancouver, Canada, 30th June 2020 – Intrahealth is changing from using First Databank in BC and ON.  There will be no change in NB where Vigilance Santé has been used since Intrahealth was selected as the Provincial EMR.

There are several reasons for this move.  Vigilance Santé is a Canadian company supplying Intrahealth with comprehensive drug information in both French and English.  Intrahealth has found Vigilance Santé to be responsive and the technology used to integrate their drug information is efficient, allowing more regular drug updates with less load on the Profile database. 

The basic drug information is imported, but detailed information is called on demand to an external source, meaning it is real time updated, rather than periodically.  Although FDB also offers a similar approach, but this would require a major redevelopment; in addition, FDB costs have increased dramatically.  Changing to Vigilance Santé means we can avoid increasing prices.

There will be minimal impact on users, with historic information preserved, DINs consistent across the two drug databases, adverse reactions working before, across and after the transition.

The last FDB update will be June 2020.

Vigilance Santé has been working with several Canadian EMR vendors to convert from FDB and will be providing us with a cross reference table.

We include an automated no-cost conversion that will be rolled out based on request, when upgrades occur, with an expectation of completion over three to six months.

Obscure items, such as OTC or concoctions may not map and will remain for historical purposes, but when users attempt to prescribe them, they will be prompted to update to the new drug database.

The ability to use First Databank will remain available to Enterprise Customers through their own FDB license, should they choose to do so.

This is effective; conversions will begin on 1 July.

General Manager Silvio Labriola commented that, “we are proud to support an innovative, proven Canadian company while at the same time offering French as well as English and keeping our prices controlled – this benefits everyone.”

Andrée-Anne Chevalier, Vigilance Santé’s co-president, mentioned how happy she is with the new agreement: "All our products are designed with the end user in mind and I am confident that Intrahealth’s users will be delighted to have high-quality and up-to-date information on hand."

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Contact: Silvio Labriola, General Manager For nearly 30 years, Vigilance Santé has been empowering healthcare professionals by combining knowledge, intelligence, and technology to develop analytical software and databases that promote the optimal and safe use of drugs.

Contact: Luc Dumont, Director of Client Services