Mobility and Patient Communication tools available for Profile EMR




Mobility and Patient Communication tools available for Profile® EMR


Did you know…

Your Profile EMR supports several tools that can support Provider Mobility, Patient Access and Patient Communication?


Aero and Accession Patient

A Patient Portal accessible by web and Smartphone App. Most commonly used to support on-line appointment booking, these tools also support direct patient access to their Medical Record. This includes their Care Plans, Problem Lists, Results and clinic notes. Patients can request Medication Refills, ask a question and even write notes into their medical chart.

The Home Page includes a Headline View (All Patient Notification) and Alerts (Targeted Patient Notifications) on log-in.

The Aero Patient App includes a Messaging Center for communication with the Clinic and its Providers via either Profile EMR, or the Aero Provider App.


Aero Provider

A Provider Smartphone App that supports remote access and core workflow activities while on the go. Available functionality includes Access to Medical Records (Read and Write), Lab Results (Review, Annotate and Sign), Appointments (Calendar View, Book), Tasks and direct Patient Messaging.


SMS Notifications

An integrated SMS Notification service that supports Bulk Appointment Reminders, Recall Reminders and Ad-Hoc communications as a Text Message.  Supports Bi-Directional communication and automated response handling such as confirming or cancelling appointments.


Profile Headline Manager

Your Profile EMR has a Headline Manager to manage targeted mass communication visible on log-in. This powerful tool allows you to send communications to All Users/Providers, Targeted Users/Providers (by Role), or Patients using Accession and Aero Patient.

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