Pegasus chooses Intrahealth’s Profile for its new practice management system

Nearly two-and-a-half years after beginning a review of its prac­tice management system, the Pegasus Health board has cho­sen to adopt Intrahealth’s Profile platform. The decision follows work­shops attended by more than 300 Pegasus Health practice staff in the past few months to gauge how they felt about the proposal.

Pegasus Health chief execu­tive Vince Barry says there is broad support for the adoption of Profile as the PHO’s preferred PMS.

Settlers Health Centre GP Jeremy Baker says that, while he didn’t attend a workshop, he has every faith in the deci­sion the Pegasus Health board has reached. Dr Baker says the PHO has kept Pegasus GPs and practice staff well informed during the PMS review and invited their feedback on the proposal.

Halswell Health GP Sandra Hicks agrees, saying Pegasus looked at a number of options for the new PMS and undertook a robust process to reach the de­cision to go with Profile.

Pegasus practices currently use Medtech32, but the PHO began looking for a replacement PMS in December 2014. As well as Profile, the PHO considered Epic, Medtech Evolution and Indici as poten­tial replacements.

Medtech32 clunky, outdated

Dr Baker says Medtech32 has become a clunky, outdated sys­tem, and he is looking forward to using a better one.

Mr Barry says he is working to settle a license agreement with Intrahealth and to find a company to host a database for the system. Once those deals are in place, attention will turn to the gradual adoption of Profile by the PHO’s 90 practices. Mr Barry says the four prac­tices where Profile was trialed during due diligence would likely be the first to come on board. He says costs associated with the license agreement, hosted da­tabase and the transfer of data from Medtech32 to Profile are yet to be finalized, but they will be partly funded by the PHO.

Profile is used by 4.5 per cent of New Zealand practices, so the Pegasus decision will boost its market share.

Both Profile for Mac and Profile for Windows were not compatible with the National Enrollment Service earlier this year. However, Ministry of Health manager for community and am­bulance Andrew Inder says an update for Mac-based systems has been developed, meaning practices using Profile for Mac can now connect to the service, while an update needed to con­nect Windows-based systems to the service is expected to be available in July.