Pen CS integrates with Profile

Sydney, 15th June 2020 – Pen CS partners with Profile to enable more practices to participate in The Australian Government’s Practice Incentives Program (PIP) Quality Improvement (QI) with their Primary Health Networks. PIP QI was introduced on 1st August 2019.

In addition to participation in PIP QI, practices with Profile patient management systems will now be compatible with the clinical analytics tool, CAT4 that drives data-driven quality improvement in general practices, and Topbar clinical decision support.

“It’s important that all practices have equal opportunity to participate in PIP QI and wider primary care quality improvement initiatives in partnership with PHNs,” said Dr Abhijeet Ghosh from South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network, Coordinare, who championed integration with Pen CS and Profile.

“Pen CS has invested heavily in building interoperability across the primary care sector. We facilitate data linkage, clinical decision support and data analytics for quality improvement and population health management,” said Pen CS Managing Director, Edweana Wenkart. “Collaborating with Profile will benefit both practices and Primary Health Networks by supporting quality improvement that improves patient outcomes,” added Ms Wenkart.

The clinical analytics tool, CAT4 is compatible with more than 11 patient management systems in primary care, with distribution to over 6,000 general practices and Aboriginal Medical Services Australia-wide.

“Pen CS and Intrahealth’s partnership to support CAT4 compatibility with Profile is a forward step towards a connected health system and enhancing quality improvement in general practices,” said Craig Longstaff, General Manager of Asia Pacific, Intrahealth.

Pen CS would like to acknowledge South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network, Coordinare, who was instrumental in bringing the organisations together. In particular, Dr Abhijeet Ghosh who championed this integration from the outset.