UCI now Available in Private Practice Clinics using Profile EMR



UCI now Available in Private Practice Clinics using Profile EMR


Private practice clinicians and medical office staff using their clinic’s Profile EMR in the Fraser Health geographic region can now quickly and easily access patients’ acute and community health information through Fraser Health’s Unifying Clinical Information (UCI) viewer.   What is UCI?  UCI is a clinical viewer used by health care providers in the Fraser Health geographic region. UCI provides an integrated view of a patient’s health information across care settings and health authorities in BC.


What requirements must I complete before I can access UCI?

Prior to gaining access to UCI, clinical staff must complete security training offered through the Doctors Technology Office (DTO). Security in Low Doses: Safeguarding Patient Information in Private Practice is a free online course that supports medical clinics to establish foundational security practices and to protect the integrity and trust expected by patients. Training can also be delivered via in-person security workshops upon request. For more information, please contact dtoinfo@doctorsofbc.ca.


How do I access UCI?

When enrolled for access, simply click on the UCI launch button in the patient’s medical summary in your EMR to open the viewer. UCI will open in context of the patient you were viewing in your EMR. No search is required.


How will I benefit from UCI?

UCI will reduce the time spent tracking down a patient’s reports and results. You will have quick access to a patient’s:

  • Acute care records including emergency care records, consults, and discharge summaries
  • Community documents including Home Health, Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU), and Public Health 
  • Provincial Diagnostic imaging reports from all public facilities 
  • Provincial lab results from all private and public labs
  • Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) documents
  • BC Cancer Agency documents
  • BC Children’s and Women’s documents
  • BC Health Authorities patient encounters


How do I request access to UCI?

To get started with the registration process, email UCI@fraserhealth.ca with your clinic information. Fraser Heath will contact you to enroll your clinic.


What if my clinic is not located in the Fraser Health geographic catchment?

If you operate in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority geographical catchment area, please visit the CareConnect website for more information about their eHealth viewer.