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Our systems help our global customers achieve organizational, patient and client outcomes.
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Intrahealth software technologies are deployed around the world in a range of managerial and clinical settings. From solo doctor practices to billion-dollar health care enterprises, Intrahealth's technologies provide essential support that allows our customers to meet the growing demands of the health care industry.

Our team has extensive experience in public health, delivering software written for customers who require multi-location, cross-disciplinary, flexible and scalable solutions. 

We believe in empowering the members of an organization’s care team–including patients–by equipping them with information sharing tools that function in real-time and support better healthcare outcomes.

Market Segments and Services

International health care delivery market segments that use our software and services.

Ambulatory Care and Clinician Offices

  • General Practitioners and Specialist Offices

  • Corporate Medical Centers

  • Hospital Outpatient Units

  • Diabetes and Sexual Health Centers

  • Emergency Centers

Health Systems

  • Ontario's Local Health Integration Networks,
  • Australia's Hospital Medical Officers and Ministries of Health

  • Rural and Aboriginal Health Centers

Institutional and Residential

  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Armed Forces
  • Correctional Facilities

Our Customers