Stethoscope and mobile phone


Linking patients and practitioners for better population health outcomes.


The Aero Provider mobile app helps care teams deliver on a broader view of patient health. Providers can set the functionality, control and configure what the patients and care teams can or cannot do within the app. With the mobile app, providers can review test results, approve prescription renewals, make clinical notes on the fly, and so much more.

With patients actively engaged in their healthcare program, clinicians also benefit from more efficient bookings with fewer no-shows, and a more streamlined process with less load on front desk staff. Save time and money, deliver more effective health care service with mobile technology.

Increase productivity by accessing your EMR On-the-Go:

  • View, Sign, and Annotate Lab Results
  • Manage your Tasks and Appointment Schedule
  • Access your Patients' Medical Records


The Aero Patient mobile app is free to download and use, and it gives patients direct and secure access to their clinical medical record. With the app, patients are encouraged to participate in managing their health. The app allows them to make or change appointments, view care plans, check or request prescription renewals, get more information on medications, check lab results, and update personal information.

Patient Access and Empowerment

  • Any time, any where, any device
  • Secure patient access
  • Easy online appointment bookings

Two-Way Messaging

  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Configurable incoming messages
  • Responses tracked and stored online