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Aero is Intrahealth's proprietary smartphone / tablet framework that integrates in realtime with the Intrahealth platform. Aero is referred to as a framework because it is not just a stand-alone app but rather a series of “packages” that reside inside the framework.

The Aero Framework is comprised of:

  • A native wrapper app (iOS or Android), which is downloaded from the respective platform App Stores. The wrappers provide the login screen, and access to some device functionality like the camera, microphone and speaker.
  • A web package, which is downloaded from the server automatically after logging in. The web package is the content of the app, which can vary from customer to customer.

The separation between the native wrapper and web package provides number of benefits for customers including the ability to deploy both content and functions easily and rapidly. This approach extends the configurability of the Intrahealth platform to mobility.

    Aero Packages

    At the time of writing Intrahealth has three commercially available packages: