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Clinician Offices

Corporates, General Practitioners, Specialists, Nurses, Assistants, and Technicians
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Leverage our Clinician Office Solutions

Whether you are a solo practitioner or corporate enterprise environment, Intrahealth has a solution for you. We have been serving the clinician office community across Australia, Canada, and New Zealand for more than 15 years, and understand the diverse needs of clinicians, clinician practices, support staff, and patients.

Our highly configurable and scalable commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)  EMR solution provides the tools for:

  • Maintaining your focus on health care medicine within your community with attention to prevention, management, and education for your patients 
  • Providing secure reporting on aggregate data extracted from electronic medical records for health authorities and government entities
  • Supporting organisational efficiencies 
  • Providing online services for patient convenience and clinical efficiency such as booking appointments and checking test results

Already have our EMR in your Organisation? Why not take it to the Next Level with integrated efficiency tools such as Telemedicine, eFax, SMS, a Patient Portal or Provider Apps