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Community Health and Homecare

Intrahealth provides the software tools for delivering better care across the community.
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Leverage our Community Health and Homecare Solutions

Our mature platform is robust, flexible, scalable, and supports collaborative community care by easily integrating with third party systems and allowing caregivers access to medical records anytime, anywhere, and any device to optimize patient health outcomes. An anywhere, anytime, any device approach ensures that our solutions support you to deliver timely and safe care in hospitals, offices, the community, and a range of institutions. All of our products connect securely over the internet and are designed to be enterprise friendly. Our solutions are secure, scalable, configurable, fault tolerant, interoperable, and standards based. Our solutions support community care and homecare organizations with their operations as follows.


  • Referrals (Self, Primary, Secondary, Other)
  • Triage
  • Administration such as Identity and Eligibility
  • Contacts


  • Scheduling
  • Coordinate care teams 
  • Devise tasks and workflows
  • Optimize Resources
  • Engage secure communication and collaboration
  • Manage Encounters
  • Manage equipment and supplies 


  • Create Care Plans (Shared, Advance, Acute, and Treatment)
  • Align Care pathways
  • Manage Consents

Deliver Care

  • Assess patient conditions
  • View test results
  • Diagnose
  • Comply with legal and authority regulations
  • Administer Treatment
  • Track Care notes
  • Monitor risks
  • Support decisions

Initiate Actions

  • Referrals (invite people on a care team)
  • Discharge patients
  • Prescribe medications
  • Place orders
  • Request service

Public Health

  • Manage prevention and disease such as pandemic and communicable disease.
  • Manage programs and campaigns such as vaccinations and screening.