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Profile for Community Health, Public Health, and Homecare

Intrahealth provides the software tools for delivering better care across the community.
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Leverage our Community Health, Public Health, and Homecare Solutions

The Profile Client Information Management System provides an episodic and longitudinal care record for multidisciplinary care providers in an office and community setting.

Enhance organisational efficiencies by combining multiple case management and client information management systems into Profile Community. A single solution to manage all of your care delivery programs.

Access and input information anywhere anytime with ease. Profile Community is a robust, flexible, scaleable solution that supports collaborative community care by easily integrating with third party systems and allowing caregivers access to health records anytime, anywhere, and any device to optimize client health outcomes. From 40 to 4000+ users, Profile community can meet your needs.

Benefits of Profile


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An anywhere, anytime, any device approach ensures that our solutions support you to deliver timely and safe care in hospitals, offices, the community, and a range of institutions. Profile connects securely over the internet and is designed to be enterprise friendly. Our solutions are secure, configurable, fault-tolerant, interoperable, and standards-based. Profile Community supports community health, mental health, sexual health, public health and home care organizations with their operations with the following activities:

Profile supports the full community process


Profile hCare forms part of the Profile Community solution and has broad and flexible functionality that has been designed to provide care providers who need to visit patients in their homes with rapid access to view and enter information about their day and patients. The functionality ranges from managing and navigating to their Appointments, viewing medical history of patients, and recording encounters with optional services, photos, measures, prescriptions, interventions, letters, and even forms. Further, it facilitates communication with other members of the organisation and patients. All information viewed and entered is done in real time. At the time of writing there is no offline capability and no information is stored on the device.


Profile hCare