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The Intrahealth platform supports your data objectives
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Using our advanced, scalable messaging and integration broker, we add a cost-effective way for health systems to move data reliably and powerfully from one location to another.  Using industry standard approaches, highly efficient Health Information Exchanges can be created, even transforming non-compliant message formats.

Integrate and Solve Needs

Almost any data element can be aggregated at a population level and with the built-in Master Patient and Master provider functions, data is partitioned off and real time and filtered views an analysis with either anonymous or identifiable patients can be performed instantly.  Inform health needs assessments, monitor for disease outbreaks, compare population health outcomes to clinical inputs. Manage capitation, or bulk funding.  Engage with At-Risk communities.  Implement new financial programs and incentives.

Patient and provider opt-out for various functions and programs are fundamental – and when a patient opts out, you have the confidence to know there is no residual data stored.  Anywhere, Privacy risks are minimised.

Power in Your Hands

The core design, the built-in workflow and development tools allow health systems to manage with flexibility, response times and at costs not hitherto possible.