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Our platform provides solutions for small and large hospital operations.
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Effective Hospital Solutions

Improve your effective service delivery and patient experience with Intrahealth’s integrated Patient Administration System, Case Management, Electronic Health Care Record, NGO capability and Interface engine.

Patient Administration System

Extensive patient administrative system, including links to national patient registration systems. Admission, Discharge, Transfer, Movement. Discharge planned, automated discharge with different structures for different units. Advanced directives management.

Bed Management

Track beds and spaces availability by unit, ward, or department including attributes such as staffing intensity, customisable resources, and equipment specific characteristics. Measure occupancy status, bed condition (cleaning or MRSA exposure) providing essential tools to ward or department staff. Offer central booking a real time view across the organisation of bed availability based on search criteria. Covers acute and elective situations.


Internal or external referrals with tracking and decision recording. Sub-referrals for a “light weight” engagement of internal care teams. Referrals linking into the Wait list system with the ability for the community provider to update the patient status.

Wait-List Management

Add structure to your wait list management including needs assessments, primary and secondary wait lists (e.g. first assessment), pre-emptive booking in the event of a cancellation. Changed priority based on changed clinical assessment. Integrated into the Scheduling System.

Enterprise Wide Scheduling

Allows staff and resources to be scheduled across the whole organisation optimising staff use, rapid re-deployment and future planning by integrating with bed and wait list modules. Finding scarce resources optimised by multi-attribute tracking from real-time or planned activities. Presents integrated view across units, a resource, staff. Includes cover, rounds, walk-ins, and planned activities.

Case Management

Case teams, discharge planning, long term care planning, budget management, services delivery, supplementary budget requests. Case mix, LOS, outcome. Budgets, financial management, time recording. Automatic privacy assignment for sensitive cases, including alerting of inappropriate access (for example, of a notable person).

Patient Tracking

Monitors patient location including leave or other locations within the hospital. Can trigger automatic warnings if this deviates beyond set criteria.

Electronic Healthcare Records System (EHCR)

The world-class EHCR allows full inpatient and outpatient clinical documentation, orders and instructions for doctors, nurses, and administrators all in an integrated system. Alerts and triggers are based on a rule-driven, real-time. Complete integration and real time access without “siloing” of data means alerts are immediately dynamic and can alert the right staff in the right situations.

Covers both inpatient and outpatient care, allowing seamless and integrated care delivery.

Inpatient Clinical Nursing

Portal Point of Care devices allow management of medication, other rounds (such as ECG, Blood), care teams, vitals recording, fluid monitoring, IV fluid management, event management, clinical notes, doctor instructions, and other typical nursing functions including post-operative assessments and actions. Integrated with medical instructions and the scheduling system deliver care and flow your patients through complex care like never before.

Care Planning

Covers in and outpatient care. Shared care plans. Condition specific plans. Patient participation and visibility. Short term (discharge planning) or long term (chronic disease are both covered, along with an integrated shared care module that can assign tasks to community providers as well as to the patient themselves).

Medication Management

Allows both inpatient (administration) and out patient (dispensing models) with medication reconciliation on admission and discharge. Supports drug rounds. Links onto the internal inventory module and can track batches and reordering.

Order Entry

Allows orders to be customised, scheduled, and directed to specialised departments. Closing the loop between order and outcome, and alert with missed results. Integrates with specialised software such as LIS and DI through the integration engine.

White Boards

Highlights at-risk patients; allowing clinical staff to see high risk patients and thus more rapid response; segment by units. Covers inpatient and outpatient.

Emergency Room Operations

Triage according to standardised clinical rules. Special tools allow Track patients automatically as they flow from status to status based on priority, clinical activity, requisitions, results, and workflow rules. Optimises staff time by seeing patients in focused lists, allows resources to be used for maximised flows and outcomes. See the overall ER status on a white board; and show a patient orientated dashboard to priority patients with wait times.

Ward Management

Tools available to a ward clerk to update and track staffing, beds, and states. Prepare for scheduled activities. Real time feed into bed management system. High visibility Dashboard. Adjust beds real time based on in-ward decisions regarding staffing and bed coverage. This real time information is provided to admission when searching for a bed.

Medical Units

Care teams, monitoring, rounds, full clinical documentation, access to learning tools. Diagnoses, problem orientated records for typical elderly patients with multiple disease states.

Surgical Units

Bed management, wait lists, Procedures planning and in-procedure management, surgical audits and complications, elective and acute. Interfaces to hardware as required.

Operating Room Documentation

Manages your patients and staff through the OR process, keeping track of resources used, allowing key clinical staff to enter records directly from the OR scheduling module. Preoperative preparation – operation – Recovery – discharge to another department. Bar code scanning of packs and devices used. Check lists. Clinical outcomes. Materials counts post operation with reconciliation.

Outpatient Clinics

Full outpatient scheduling, reminders, bi-directional SMS notifications. Using the Patient app can integrate the appointment into the patient’s smartphone calendar. Dashboard for waiting room display.

Specialised Departments

Sexual health, Mental health (including monitoring of admission under Criminal or Health Acts), Disease state specialised clinics (such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s).

Outbreak Management

Monitor population health, report and manage outbreaks, with proximity relationships and tracking assessments and outcomes to allow back tracking to patient-zero.


Multiple coding system and structured data collection allows extensive research and analysis.

Patient Flow

Workflow engine allows triggering or alerts, or activities based on patient status, with full auditability.


Internal system, for point of care inventory, expected to be interfaced to a full inventory system, includes batch, expiry, lot management, location management, reordering. Cold-chain management for items requiring careful monitoring. Bar code scanning.


Multiple insurers, jurisdictional agencies, bulk budget and FFS. Capitation and blended. Integrate clinical items and services into the organisational accounting system.


High availability and robust integration broker, with message transformation, adaptors, supporting both real-time and store and forward.

Smartphone Access

Patient and clinician functionality; includes both organisational and regional level capabilities. Customer-specific packages.